4th Nordic Pet Food Seminar 2nd  and 3 rd October 2018, Prague, Czech Republic


by NPFE N O R D I C  P E T F O O D  E V E N T S
08.00 - 08.20 Registration
08.20 – 08.30 Welcome and Introduction, David Primrose, NPFE
08.30 – 09.05 Pet Food trends and the rise of sustainability, Paula Flores, Euromonitor International, UK
09.05 – 09.40 More sustainable meat substitutes based on alternative protein sources, Dr Sergiy Smetana, Deutsches Institut für Lebensmitteltechnik e. V., Germany
09.40 – 10.15 All about Insects, Roel Boersma, Protix, Netherlands
10.15 – 10.45 Coffee and Networking
10.45 – 11.20 Novel ingredients for diets in high activity dogs to promote recovery and reduce stress, Dr Bozo Radic, Hedera, Croatia 11.20 – 11:55 New Process Technology for Texturized Meat, Ole Oxboll, Source Technology, Denmark 11.55 –  12.55 Lunch and Networking 12.55 –  13.30 Sustainability and pet health – Delivering the benefits of DHA using algae, a novel, sustainable ingredient Sarah-Jane Godfrey, DSM Nutritional Products, UK 13.30 – 14.05 Prevention of Obesity, Prof Alex German, University of Liverpool, UK 14.05 – 14.40  How do you uncover the drivers for flavor preference when you can't ask why? Using behavioral analysis methods  to determine cats and dogs’ food preferences  Dr. Emira Mehinagic – Diana Pet Food, France 14.40 - 15.10 Coffee and Networking 15.10 – 15.45 The role of industry to ensure a harmonised approach to regulations for safe and nutritious pet food in the EU, Julien Taieb, Belgium 15.45 - 16.20 All you have to know about Yeasts…, Dr Francesca Susca, Lallemand, France 19.30 - Late   Dinner, Social Evening and Networking

Tuesday 2nd October 2018 (DAY 1)

Tuesday 3 nd October 2018 (DAY 2)

08.30 – 09.05 Why Raw and Fresh food Provides Pet Owners’ Needs and Pets' Health and Wellbeing, Dr Nick Thompson, Holisticvet Ltd, UK 09.05 – 09.40 Raw mechanically separated chicken meat and salmon protein hydrolysate as protein sources in extruded dog food: effect on protein and amino acid digestibility. Prof. Øynstein Ahlstrom, Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Norway 09.40 – 10.15 Nutraceuticals in pet food: what does it take to make a good claim? Asst. Prof. Jelena Suran, University of Zagreb, Croatia 10.15 – 10.50 Coffee and Networking  10.50 – 11.25 Safe for me, safe for my dog, Prof. Mike Dillon, Seatreats, UK 11.25 – 12.00 Antioxidant Functionality: Facts, Artefacts and Challenges in Protecting Shelf-Life, Torben Isak, Camlin Fine Sciences, Denmark 12.00 –  12.35 Feeding strategies to modulate the intestinal microbiota of healthy and sick dogs and cats, Assoc. Prof Giacomo Biagi, University of Bologna, Italy 12.35 –  13.35 Lunch and Networking 13.35 – 14.10 The basics of homemade diets, Friederike Becker, Miavit, Germany 14.10 – 14.45 Potential role of alkaloids in pet food – opportunity or risk?, Dr Zoltan Gregus, Phytobiotics, Germany 14.45 - 15.15 Challenges of producing diets with a high fat and protein level (cat, kitten, highprotein diets), Milka K Tesla, Passion4feed AS
N O R D I C  P E T F O O D  E V E N T S