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David Ingemar Hedin is a market analyst with a MSc from the Swedish Agricultural University in Uppsala. He manages Euromonitor International's market research of the pet care market in Denmark, Finland and Sweden and finds the interaction between packaged food and pet food particularly interesting. Euromonitor International is the leading provider of strategic market intelligence with data and written analysis for consumer markets in over 80 countries worldwide.
Marlou Mulders Grown up with a lot of pets; from fish till dogs, Sales Director Prins Petfoods, Since 2011 working at the Prins company. Masters Degree in Marketing & Communications and finished her MBA study in May 2017. Recently starting up a network group of young professionals in the pet industry.
Company Profile | Prins. More than good food Prins Petfoods produces 100% natural food for dogs and cats. Passion, knowledge and service, as well as high-quality specialist products, are the key to the continued growth of this dynamic 54-year-young family business from the Netherlands. The vision of Prins is to be part of the customers’ lifestyle and to take care, together with them, of a healthy pet. At Prins, the sharing of knowledge and professional advice are held in the highest regard. 
Patricia Bruinsma has studied at a Dutch business school and has a Bachelor degree Marketing. During her studies she carried out field research to identify the buying behavior of Dutch farmers. In 2004 she started her first job at Jadis Additiva and commercially developed an innovative iron supplement for piglets that supports animal welfare, animal health and performance. By practical experiences, “learning by doing” and meeting with many animal feed technicians on a day-to-day basis she developed her technical and market knowledge within the European animal feed industry. Since 2007 Patricia Bruinsma got the opportunity to represent Jadis Additiva in various European markets. At present the main focus of her commercial activities are in Scandinavia and Germany.  Patricia Bruinsma is married and has two children. She likes to travel and has a passion for Disney.
Dr. Guido Bosch is a researcher in the Animal Nutrition Group of the Department of Animal Sciences (Wageningen University, the Netherlands). He obtained his PhD degree for his work on the influence of nutrition on behaviour in dogs. Currently, his main area of expertise is feed evaluation research in pet and production animals. His research is mainly focused on understanding the food properties that drive appetite and food intake behaviour and on the evaluation of nutritional and (dys)functional characteristics of (novel) foods and ingredients. Examples of recent projects are unravelling mechanisms of fermentable fibres to prolong satiety, the formation and bioavailability of Maillard reaction products in extruded pet foods, and the evaluation of nutritional properties of insects as novel dietary protein sources for animal feeds. Finally, he has a strong interest in the evolutionary history and feeding ecology of animals, which may help to further understand the origin of their digestive physiological and metabolic idiosyncrasies and to improve their foods for health and longevity.